How to register a domain name ?

With the growing number of websites on the Internet, it is becoming harder and harder to find a suitable domain name to register – one that is short, simple, to the point, and easy to remember.

That’s why, if you come across such a domain name that is suitable for your business or personal website, it is recommended that you register it right away.

Even if your website is not ready yet. You can register unlimited domain names through your account with us and there is no need to host them all. To find more information on hosting a domain name, please refer to the article: How do I host a domain name?

Option 1 – You don’t have an account with us

Simply go to www.rambhost.com and click on domain names. You can register as many domain name as you like

Option 2- If you have an account with rambhost.com, you can easily register a domain name via your control panel on the Registered Domains section (My Domains > Registered Domains) of the Web Hosting Control Panel. Once you open that menu you should click on the Register/Transfer Domain button on the right-hand side.

Domain Manager - Register Domain

To find our Domain Search form, click on the Domain Search button on the left sidebar of the page. This form will help you find an available domain name for you to register. In the section that is titled Search for a domain: you should input the domain name that you would like to register (what you enter will replace the predefined text my-best-domain.com).

Below that you have a list of all domain types (TLDs) that we can register and you have the option to select and deselect any of them. That way you will be able to choose what domain TLDs to search for.

Domain Search Form

After that you must click on the Search button. That will execute a search based on the parameters that you have provided and you will be forwarded to the next page Domain Search Results to see the results.

If a domain name is available for registration you will see a Register button next to it. If you are trying to register a domain name, yet only a Transfer option appears, this simply means that someone else already owns the domain name and it is not available for registration.

If you own this domain name you can transfer it to our company by selecting the Transfer button. For more information on transferring a domain name, please refer to the What is a domain transfer? article. If you find the desire domain(s) you have to click on the Proceed with the order button.

On the next page, you also have the option to make a new search if the results from the initial one are not satisfactory. You can keep modifying the search parameters until you find a domain name that you wish to purchase.

There you will find a checkbox named Host this domain name with us. This gives you the option to immediately host the domain name after you submit the payment for the registration. If your current hosting plan does not allow hosting more domain names, you will be provided with the options to purchase an additional hosted domains upgrade or upgrade to a higher package, if one is available.

As soon as you find the domain name that you are looking for and you are ready to proceed with the registration, you must click on the Register button. That will take you to the next step – the contact information for the WHOIS record. Please make sure that you provide accurate contact details. This information will be publicly available.

For some domain TLDs you can purchase an additional service – WHOIS protection (also called ID protection) – that will conceal and protect your contact information. For detailed information about that service, please refer to the What is WHOIS ID protection? article. Once you fill out the registrant section, and if you wish to use the same contact information for all the other sections, there is an option to copy the same information in the other sections as well.

Before proceeding any further, you must agree with the Domain Registration Terms, the Domain Resolution Policy & the eNom Registration Agreement. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with these documents.

And last, but not least, you have to choose the payment method you would like to use to submit the payment and then click on the Continue button ot the right to proceed to the payment page where you will have to fill out your payment information. If none of the payment options listed is suitable for you, please refer to the Alternative payment options article.


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