How can I transfer a domain name away from you?

A domain can be transferred only if 60 days have passed from its initial registration or from a transfer to our company.

The domain should also be unlocked and you need its EPP transfer authorization code, which may also be called an EPP key, authorization key or domain password.

When you log into your hosting control panel on our end, go to My Domains -> Registered Domains, where you will find your domain, and click on the padlock icon () to unlock it and on the EPP icon () to request its transfer code.

After that, you can order the transfer through the other company.

They will send a verification email to the Administrative contact email address associated with your domain with a link that you will have to click to approve the transfer.

In this light, you can double-check the address in your control panel here -> My Domains -> Registered Domains -> select your domain -> EditĀ  WHOIS Details.

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