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And we build it for you in 5 days or less!

Get more customers online 24/7. Great websites start with great robust hosting.

What's the catch? - Offers end Dec. 15th 2020.

1- Get your hosting

All great online stores start with great hosting; with 24/7 support, daily backup and server security to protect yours and your customer data

2 - Choose a concept

We partnered with the best in the world so you can access some of the best ready made stores concepts.We save on time, and you to save time and money

3 - We get to work

Once you have made a choice, we will get to work as soon as possible and make sure your can be ready to get customers in 5 days or less.

BENEFITS OF your store

We partnered with WooCommerce to give you the freedom to sell anything, and get clients from anywhere; 24/7 and year-round. Websites don’t take naps

01  Unlimited products

There are no limits on the amount of products you can sell.

02  Advanced sales reporting

Advanced sales reporting dashboard, packed with tutorials on how to use it


The website belongs to you. You don’t have to pay any transaction fees except the ones with your payment processors.


We offer daily back up of your website, so that your data is always protected and you are prepare for unforseen events

Frequently asked questions

It is simple; 1- Choose a hosting package | 2- Choose a design concept from themeforest. We can help you choose. | 3- We built your store.

No we are not shopify. Instead of using other people platform, we build your store on your own hosting. The store belongs to you. You might need to pay trasaction fees with the merchant solution you choose. ie Paypal charges 2.9% + 0.30 cent per trasaction.

Yes. All our web hosting comes with a free 24/7 all year support. If you need additional maintenance for your store, we can certainly help

Yes we can help with marketing. You will simply contact us and we can discuss your marketing needs. We also provide free information of the latest marketing techniques, strategies we know work.

Yes. We understand that some businesses may not have time to deal with technology, online and social media marketing. We offer an all inclusive package. We take care of your website and online marketing, you focus on what you do best: provide awesome products and services

Unlimited products. Although we don’t recommend that you add unlimited products 🙂

Yes. All our hosting come with a free daily backup services. If anything happen, you can be sure that your backup data is safe and ready to be used.